Podcast: How to be social in an anti-social world #IBMConnect


Breakout Session at IBM Connect 2016: How to be Social in an Anti-Social World:

Learn how Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company of Arkansas planted the seeds of social within their organization and have gone from a single mindset to reaping the harvest of a social business. Hear from AFB’s Bobby Wood how they overcame the challenges of not wanting to be social and the turn-around to being a truly collaborative enterprise. With their new social intranet introduced to their users, they have gone from being a little house on the prairie to a neighborhood (community) where they can use one another’s talents to better the company. Their agents have learned how to share best practices and easily find the subject matter experts to help them streamline their leads process to go from initial contact to point of sale.

My summary (MP3, 8:53):

Neville Hobson

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