Podcast: How gamification makes social collaboration work #IBMConnect


Breakout Session at IBM Connect 2016: How Gamification Makes Social Collaboration Work: Case Studies and Economic Impact:

63% of global workers are not engaged in the workplace. That represents $500B in lost productivity globally. To exacerbate matters, investment in social software has gone down 50% in the last few years. With gamification you not only motivate your employees, but also keep them motivated. Enterprise gamification directly impacts your bottom line. Customers who successfully deployed enterprise gamification programs have seen an ROI of over 260% with a payback of less than one month. Another customer deployed gamification to enhance and motivate knowledge sharing across the company. They found that for every $1 they spent, they saw $25 in time savings. Presentation by Karen Hsu of Badgeville.

My summary (MP3 audio, 5:45):

(Image at top via The Museum of The Future)