Drone racing: the next big participatory spectator sport?


Parrot Bebop Drone

It’s utterly nuts but, wow, what fun! Imagine the virtual participations, immersive spectating via the net, seeing the race through the lens of the drone’s video camera stream.

Well, it’s coming to a venue in the USA soon. Check this out:

Is drone racing the sport of the future?Welcome to the multimillion-dollar Drone Racing League. It feels like pod racing from Star Wars, but could very well become the first sport of the 21st century.

Posted by Quartz on Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Think of the Formula 1 motor racing experience and the bird’s-eye view from a driver’s perspective with a camera streaming live video from above the driver’s head. A wholly different experience to that of actually being at the physical location where the race takes place.

Similar choices here, too.

I shared Quartz’ video on Facebook earlier today (post in the walled garden), prompting these comments:

I saw this a few times now but I wonder why they are flying real drones if they have a VR set on anyway. What is the difference to doing it only in the computer? Looking more real? The thrill that something can really brake [sic]? More interesting for the audience? Just curious … btw, not saying that it isn’t cool

So much to nail down before this takes off, as it were. But where there’s the will, there will be the way. So set your view to HD full screen and crank up the volume.

Detailed story at Quartz: There’s now a drone racing league that feels like pod racing from Star Wars.

(Image of Parrot Bebop Drone via Parrot. There’s no suggestion that either Parrot or this type of drone is involved in any way with the story I’ve posted here, the image is purely for illustrative purposes. Nice looking drone!)

Bonus video: Watch Intel’s award-winning spectacular Drone 100, “a magical and elaborate airborne music and light experience created by a fleet of 100 unmanned aerial vehicles that redefines art, enabled by Intel-powered PCs and digital artists.”

Just as with the drone racing video, set your view to HD full screen and crank up the volume!

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