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Since announcing in FIR #820 last week that I’ll be hanging up my FIR podcasting hat (or mic) next month after more than ten years of creating The Hobson and Holtz Report podcast with Shel Holtz each week, I’ve been humbled and encouraged by the array of messages and comments from fans and friends of FIR across all social networks.

My favourite has to be this tweet from Mark Blevis:

Scale :)

Thank you again one and all.

Last week, I sat down across the ether via Skype with Joe Thornley in Ottawa for a chat about podcasting, origins, FIR, plans, and more. Joe is one of three presenters – the others being Martin Waxman in Toronto and Gini Dietrich in Chicago – who present the Inside PR podcast each week. And since November 2013, Inside PR has been part of the FIR Podcast Network.

The conversation with Joe made it into this week’s Inside PR episode 420. Here’s the synopsis of our chat:

As you’ve probably heard, Neville is leaving the FIR Network after 10 years and tells us he’s going to be focusing on creating more written content. In a wide-ranging discussion, he takes us on a journey that begins with the early days of podcasting, or as he calls it ‘home brew radio’. Neville tells stories about what he’s observed and learned along the way. He mentions some of the people who inspired him and shares his thoughts on what makes a podcaster great (hint – curiosity).

Our segment starts at about the 5 minutes 10 seconds mark, and you can listen (and subscribe)  right here:

Why not listen to the whole show? 26 minutes of terrific content from three communicators worth paying attention to.

And I hope you tune in to the final episode of the H&H Report that Shel and I will be recording and publishing on Monday September 7.

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    • Neville Hobson

      Thanks, Philippe I appreciate your kind words. It’s been a while since we last did meet so yes, I’d like to do that again. Hope our paths do cross before too long!

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