“AMP Up Your Social Media” joins the FIR Podcast Network

The FIR Podcast Network is pleased to announce the addition of a podcast on social media marketing that will begin in late January 2014. Presenter Glenn Gaudet explains…

Marketing meetingWhat is the role of social media in marketing? How do companies take advantage of this fast growing medium? What strategies do leading practitioners use to get results? What do industry insiders see coming up on the radar? How do companies engage stakeholders to be part of their social media marketing efforts?

I’m Glenn Gaudet. I am the president and founder of GaggleAMP. I have been engaged in and driving enterprise marketing efforts for over 20 years. I also wrote the book, Connection, Community & Conversation: Making Social Media Work for Business. I’ve held positions from product marketing manager to CMO to strategy consultant. This has given me the experience to go deep with social media professionals and ask the questions that marketers want answered.

AMP Up Your Social Media was launched in October of 2013 as a weekly podcast. I am thrilled to be able to now bring the show to the FIR Podcast Network. Since 2005, FIR has been the gold standard for bringing relevant and timely industry knowledge to the professionals in PR and marketing roles. Adding a show dedicated to social media marketing to the line up is a powerful complement.

As a long time fan of FIR, I am honoured to be part of the mix. With the FIR Podcast Network as our distribution hub, AMP Up Your Social Media will continue to drive the thought leadership discussions around corporate social media use as part of the marketing mix.

If you have ideas for the show, guest submissions or feedback, I encourage you to reach out to me. My Twitter handle is @glenng. You will find AMP Up Your Social Media on the FIR website later this month.

Please join me in exploring existing and new ways to leverage social media marketing.

About Your Host

Glenn GaudetGlenn Gaudet is the President & Founder of GaggleAMP and author of the book, Connection, Community & Conversation: Making Social Media Work for Business. Gaudet brings over 20 years of comprehensive experience in both strategic and product marketing for technology and media companies ranging from startup to $1 billion in sales. He has delivered results in both marketing technology as well as using marketing technology to gain results.

Prior to GaggleAMP, Gaudet was the Chief Marketing Officer at two different companies including Pulvermedia, an integrated media company that specialized in the voice and video industries. As CMO, Gaudet was responsible for all aspects of branding as well as marketing for the entire portfolio which included event, online and print products.

Gaudet has spoken to audiences around the world on leveraging technology in their business infrastructure. He received his undergraduate degree in Business with a major in Marketing from Babson College. He pursued his graduate degree in Information and Telecommunication Systems from Johns Hopkins University.

  • Connect with Glenn on Twitter: @glenng.

About The FIR Podcast Network

The FIR Podcast Network is a series of business podcasts founded by Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz. The anchor podcast in the network is The Hobson and Holtz Report, a weekly show presented since January 2005.

For information about FIR, to see show notes for the podcasts and to subscribe, visit www.forimmediaterelease.biz. You can also subscribe via iTunes and other podcast directories.

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