The role of the C-suite in social media marketing

AMP Up Your Social MediaContent marketing is a topic I’ve talked about quite a bit recently, in particular relating to the consequences of not having a clear strategy and the measurable benefits that can arise when you do.

So I was delighted when Glenn Gaudet, founder and president of GaggleAMP, invited me on to the latest episode of AMP Up Your Social Media podcast to discuss the role of the C-suite in social media marketing and how to communicate social media benefits to senior influencers in your organization.

Our discussion also included some thoughts on the differences between the US and Europe with respect to social media – including changing attitudes and behaviours, and trends – for which I drew upon some of the findings in two recent US surveys on content marketing from Marketing Profs and the Content Marketing Institute; and findings from a recent European survey by Waggener Edstrom for which I contributed content in the subsequent report on the essential role of social media in content marketing.

Glenn and I had a great conversation for about 20 minutes that I hope has shed some light on topics that can prove to be tricky ones for many marketers and communicators.

Listen Now:

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If you’ve not heard of GaggleAMP before, here’s a concise description:

GaggleAMP empowers a company’s stakeholders (both internal and external – employees, customers, constituents, etc.) to promote synchronized messages across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Using GaggleAMP, companies are able to massively distribute their content and messages by creating a network (what we call a Gaggle) of people that share, tweet and post company-created messages and content.

My podcasting partner Shel Holtz and I use GaggleAMP’s service to amplify awareness – and, hence, listenership – of each episode of our podcast, For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report. I’m constantly impressed with the results we get.

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