Business metrics from SAP to get excited about


Metrics, facts, opinion and forecasts are all part of the fabric of the online experience.

Everywhere you look, you’ll see reports, surveys, infographics and much more web furniture designed to inform, entertain and often sell.

Too often, though, it’s a challenge to use some content that is made publicly available as the creator is unknown and therefore untrusted, sources are not cited, the content isn’t relevant, the information is simply out of date; or, worse, the facts just don’t add up.

But here’s a collection of business, technology and social metrics that definitely belong in your content library – a Slideshare presentation from enterprise software giant SAP containing 102 slides with eminently PowerPoint-able and tweetable statistics on all manner of factoids grouped under the title of “99 Facts on the Future of Business.”

The deck was posted on October 3 and already has had over 100,000 views.

One reason why I think this excellent collection of metrics is one that I wouldn’t hesitate using is two-fold:

  1. Who it’s from. Earned reputation like that takes time to build and continually guard. People in SAP have done good work in this regard.
  2. Every one of the metrics slides has a credible source cited.

If you download the PDF version of the deck, you’ll find each of the slides is tweetable, like this one:

Definitely a worthwhile addition to your armoury of facts.

Thanks, SAP.

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