The difference between America and Europe

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Today’s #Dailychart shows how entrepreneurship differs wildly among countries. America is an engine of innovation, as attested by the upcoming public listing of Twitter, which aims to fetch a cool $1 billion. How do other countries rank in terms of entrepreneurship? Sadly, not so well

New entrepreneurs

Many of my American friends have a “Yes you can!” approach to things.

I compare that to many of my European friends who are more about “No you’d better not!” Those two different ways of thinking colour judgements. It’s probably only in the US where a mindset of “Always make new mistakes” (courtesy of Esther Dyson) is so easy to grasp instead of “One mistake and let’s now stop.”

Different attitudes and mindset. Maybe that’s what this is about.

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  1. James Crawford

    I was speaking to a chap about this only yesterday.

    He has an amazing story of how he won it all, lost it and then got another business back on track. (annoying I can't say who because we are about to tell his story)

    In this country: "success has many fathers but failure is a bastard"

  2. Hamid Sirhan

    Or you could take a more cynical view and say that it's more the case that there's a direct correlation between level of social care and percentage of 'new entrepreneurs'. That it's less a barometer of opportunity and more one of desperation.

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