Introducing "FIR On Strategy with Andrea Vascellari"

By Andrea Vascellari, Host of “FIR On Strategy with Andrea Vascellari.”

StrategyEvery week, the For Immediate Release podcast brings us news, commentary and case studies about organizations and new emerging communication technologies – who’s doing it well and who isn’t.

This is actually why we all listen to the show, to learn more about “when” and “how” to use these technologies in our communication plans.

I’m here to introduce you to “FIR On Strategy with Andrea Vascellari”, a new podcast in the For Immediate Release podcast network, that offers you guidelines and tips to help you plan, execute and manage your strategic communication plans.

I’ll be hosting the new podcast. The first episode will be published here on Thursday September 26, 2013.

Having worked in communications for a while now, I spent a lot of time studying, piloting and learning from many different communication plans. I understood what works, what doesn’t, where digital fits into the current mix and I understood which are the elements of a plan that are, almost constantly, overlooked by organizations.

Eventually over the years I developed, and kept improving, an adaptive strategy framework that helped me planning, executing and managing online communication plans more effectively and efficiently. With “FIR On Strategy” we will explore this framework.

Each episode of “FIR On Strategy” is dedicated to understand how the framework is structured and how it functions. You will learn how to avoid getting caught up in the digital hype that every day hits you, and your organization, with new solutions and focus on what can actually help you achieve your objectives.

With each episode I also release a post on my blog that includes an accurate description of what I’m sharing with you in the podcast.

So if you feel a bit lost, if you are new to this, or if the topics seem to be too complicated, don’t worry. You can take your time and listen to the show while you follow the post that I have already prepared for you. This will also save you time because you don’t need to take notes or write down everything I say in each episode: I already did it for you.

On “FIR On Strategy” I share my point of view but I want to hear also what you think, what you agree or disagree with, what’s missing or what can be changed. This is a good opportunity to learn from each other and to grow together.

I hope you will enjoy the show! Look out for episode 1 on Thursday September 26.


  • Hear Andrea introduce “FIR On Strategy”:

Andrea VascellariAndrea Vascellari is an award-winning digital marketing consultant and keynote speaker in the online communications industry.

With over 10 years of professional experience and a deep understanding of marketing and communications, including public and media relations, Andrea helps his clients integrate new technologies and social media communication into their organizations by building dynamic relationships with shareholders and other key audiences.

He has worked with independent professionals, Fortune 100 companies, mid-sized companies, as well as with non-profit organizations across a broad spectrum of industries including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, government, education, technology, and consumer electronics.

Recognized as one of the leading early adopters, thought leaders and influencers in social media communication, Andrea has directed executive education programs, lectured at academic institutions and delivered keynote speeches internationally.

Connect with Andrea on Twitter: @vascellari.

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