Buy a real pint with a virtual currency

A British pub lets you pay for your pint with Bitcoins:

[…] The system is quick and effective. The bar staff press two buttons on the till and the screen displays a QR code. The customer opens their digital Bitcoin wallet, takes a snap of the screen and confirms the payment. The staff press one more button and the transaction is complete. Snapping the QR code in a crowded bar could be a challenge but in a quiet pub it is faster than paying by card.

It’s an imaginative use of a QR code. Imagine the challenge, though, trying to focus the camera of your smartphone after quite a few pints have been consumed…

A contact-less payment option would be good. Wonder when some bank or financial entrepreneur will enable that on a card for Bitcoin payment.

Snap up a Pint in Britain’s First Bitcoin Pub
Bitcoin has its first British boozer. The Pembury Tavern in Hackney, east London – as well as its sister pubs in Cambridge, Norwich and Peterborough – are now accepting the virtual currency.
It was pub group founder Stephen Early, a former computer scientist, who decided to give the currency a go. “I bought some in 2011 but there wasn’t really anything to do with them,” he explains. “So I did the equivalent of putting them in a drawer and for…

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(Bitcoins image at top via Salon.)

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