FIR Interview – Carla Johnson on content’s role in sales enablement at #ContentMktgNow

50 to 90 percent

In a presentation at the Content Marketing Strategies Conference in Berkeley, California, on May 8, 2013, speaker, author and B2B content marketing expert Carla Johnson explained how marketing as the ‘promise makers’ and sales as the ‘promise keepers’ are often not on the same page.

The result is marketing making brand or product promises that sales and implementation can’t keep.

In this FIR Interview, correspondent Michael Procopio spoke to Carla after her presentation to hear more on how she helps reduce this gap with a three step process: collaboration, education, and liberation.

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You can view the PowerPoint deck Carla used in her presentation. embedded below (or see it at Slideshare).

About our Conversation Partner

Carla JohnsonCarla Johnson started college as an engineer and then moved to the “other” side. She is principal at Type A Communications, and a consultant to the Content Marketing Institute. She writes, trains, speaks and works with companies to help them discover their story, then use it as a foundation for their branding, messaging and content marketing initiatives.

Her clients have included companies such as Motorola Solutions, Sybase, VMware, TeleTech, Encana Oil & Gas and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. She’s a contributing writer to “Advice From The Top: The Expert Guide to B2B Marketing,” as well as Chief Content Officer magazine,CMSwire and other industry and business publications.

Find out more about Carla on LinkedIn or her website. Follow her on Twitter: @carlajohnson.

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