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Jaguar F-Type

When Jaguar Cars launched the F-Type sports car, the 13-minute video made by Ridley Scott’s company in April for the US market captured my imagination in one area especially – the sound of the car’s exhaust.

Added to the high-definition video and audio in the overall story, that sound contributed to an enriched and memorable experience, making it probable that I’d share that experience with friends and other in my online communities, far more so than if it had simply been  ‘a pretty good video.’

Which is what I did.

This is one example of experiential communication that I define as innovative, and that I included in a presentation to members of the MIPAA that I gave in London on June 7.

The focus of my message to car industry communicators and motoring journalists in the meeting was that effective communication is more about innovation and experiences than the tools and channels of communicating. You also need to see that idea in the context of the huge technological and behavioural changes around us, such as the big pictures you see from credible sources like Mary Meeker.

If you get the contextual mix right, your message can be a powerful method of provoking thinking that opens up conversations.

Here’s the deck I used (it’s on Slideshare); see if you agree or not.

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