Vine comes to Android

Vine for Android

With some fanfare in the tech press, hot video app Vine made its debut today on Android devices. Until now, the popular Twitter-owned app has been available only for Apple devices.

There’s no doubt that Vine has captured imaginations worldwide since it launched in January, just four months ago. In that short time, it’s acquired over 13 million users who have published millions of 6-second looping video clips they created on their iPhones and iPads.

Among those millions of clips are some really imaginative and compelling examples of creativity in brand marketing. There’s equally no doubt that Vine has made its mark in advertising, marketing and across the broad business communication area.

So today I’ve joined the Vine hordes too. There were some teething troubles with the app’s availability on Google Play but those were resolved within a few hours.

My first effort was actually by accident – I loaded Vine on my Galaxy SIII LTE, started tapping the screen to see how to start and lo and behold, I made a 6-second clip.

For posterity:

(See the video at Vine if you don’t see it embedded above.)

I’m sure I’ll do better than that as I get to explore what Vine lets you do.

Now that Vine has come to Android, I’d expect to see usage explode well beyond its current 13 million. Look what happened to Instagram since it came to Android from being purely an iOS app.

20 million or more Vine users by year’s end? I bet that happens.

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