FIR Speakers and Speeches: Livia Giulia Zuppardo on Google+ at #b2bhuddle

Livia Giulia Zuppardo as seen by Matt Buck

Many companies use social networks in their B2B marketing. According to Google, the advent of Google+ broadens the horizons for businesses by adding a social layer across all Google’s services that adds identity, relationships, and sharing to the mix.

In her keynote presentation at The B2B Huddle on May 2, 2013, held at Oracle’s UK headquarters, Google+ Product Specialist Livia Giulia Zuppardo presented examples of companies innovating in the social media space using Google+.

She explored how the platform – sometimes dubbed “the next generation of Google” – can create value for business by enabling better brand discovery, facilitating deeper connections, improving marketing performance, and providing measurable impact across the web.

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Livia Giulia ZuppardoLivia Giulia Zuppardo is a Google+ Product Specialist at Google, based in London.

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