Hanging out at LeWeb London in June 2013

LeWeb London 2013

Last year at both LeWeb conferences in London and Paris,  I joined in live discussions for some of the sessions and with presenters via Google Hangout On Air.

Being parachuted-in this way not only let me be part of things from afar but also showed what is possible today to expand an event’s horizons dramatically by making it accessible to everyone with an internet connection.

Thus you enrich the total event experience for everyone – event-goers, the organizers, the sponsors and those online – in ways that weren’t realistically possible before.

Next month, the first LeWeb of 2013 takes place in London, and I’m sure Google Hangouts On Air live video will be at the heart of this experience as well.

I’m taking part – but this time physically being there rather than virtually via a big screen, as part of LeWeb’s Official Blogger programme.

What that means is that I’ll be at LeWeb in London next month during the two days of the conference on June 5 and 6, looking, listening, talking and absorbing experiences that I’ll talk about in my blog, in my podcast, and share across the social web.

LeWeb crowd

The theme of this year’s LeWeb London is “The Sharing Economy,” a huge topic that will offer tremendous scope and scale to explore thinking, opinion and trends.

I’m looking forward to physically being at this year’s London event and being part of the enrichment of LeWeb. See you there too?

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