Share your questions for Donna Papacosta’s interview with Neville and Shel on FIR 700

(l to r) Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz, photo taken in Concord, California, March 2006We have something special in store as part of the milestone 700th episode of For Immediate Release, the first and longest-running communications-focused podcast. Donna Papacosta – a regular contributor to FIR and a skilled podcaster in her own right – will interview co-hosts Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz on their own backgrounds.

Here’s Donna explaining the whole idea:

As Donna notes, you can participate by letting her know what questions you’d like her to ask. Post your questions to the FIR community on Google+. You can also post questions to this blog post or send them by email to

However you send them, Donna will add them to the mix. Please have your questions to us by April 19, since Donna will conduct the interview on the 20th.

Thanks to long-time listener Max Christian Hansen for the idea.

According to Max, he was inspired by the conversation correspondents Michael Netzley and Dan York had in episode 697. “We heard some history of his professional and personal interests,” Max writes. “It’s occurred to some of us that we’d like gain similar insight into our hosts.”

Episode 700 on April 22 will also include our usual collection of timely news items and discussions of trending themes in communications, business and technology.

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