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I use Twitter a great deal on a mobile device, not only when out and about but also in pastime situations such as tweeting comments about a movie or TV show I’m watching, or commenting about a brand in a TV ad.

That’s the so-called second screen behaviour and experience in action.

It’s increasingly common behaviour according to some new metrics about mobile use of Twitter in the UK, published yesterday by Twitter.

Indeed, UK tweeters love tweeting on a mobile device according to Twitter. Their numbers show that 80 percent of the over 10 million Twitter users in the UK do.

While the metrics Twitter published don’t go into much detail about who was surveyed, and how many, or the methodology – only referencing “a panel of internet users” who answered questions about their use of Twitter “and other services” – the figures are worth a look as they offer some insight into current Twitter mobile usage in this country.

All the data is included in an infographic (see it below).

Here are some of the metrics that caught my eye that will likely be of interest to communicators and marketers (I’ve added some comments in parentheses here and there):

  • 80 percent of UK users access Twitter via a mobile device.
  • Mobile users are 40 percent more likely than the average user to access Twitter more than once a day.
  • 66 percent of mobile users use Twitter at home in front of the TV.
  • One in four mobile users (that’s 25 percent of them) use Twitter while shopping (one growth driver undoubtedly would be the increasing availability of free wifi in supermarkets, shops and other public places).
  • 31 percent of users tweet a photo they’ve taken (one of my favourite activities: I post photos a lot to Instagram, which also tweets them as well as posts a link to Facebook and Flickr).
  • 67 percent of mobile users follow brands on Twitter.
  • 50 percent follow a brand for customer service (making it so easy to tweet on the fly, increasing the likelihood of commenting on Twitter, meaning those in customer service needs to keep paying attention all the time).
  • 45 percent are likely to recommend the brand they follow.

See the full details in the infographic below (which you can also download as a PDF from Twitter):

Twitter mobile UK infographic

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