FIR Interview: Dell IdeaStorm Project Manager Cy Jervis


Dell was one of the first companies to make a serious commitment to social media and today is one of the most frequently cited companies when conversation turns to businesses that do social media well. Starting with its first blog, Dell has demonstrated how to listen to customers and engage with them.

One of the more compelling social media activities Dell introduced in the early days was IdeaStorm, one of the first formal efforts by an organization to crowd-source ideas from customers for improving products and for new products.

Cy Jervis currently manages IdeaStorm. Originally one of the customers contributing to the tool, he was recruited to run the site based on his understanding of its potential and his passion for the platform.

In this interview – conducted by FIR co-host Shel Holtz on the floor of Dell World 2012 in Austin, Texas – Jervis talks about IdeaStorm’s current role, the various kinds of activities that take place on the platform, and his hopes for IdeaStorm in the future.

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About our Conversation Partner

cyjervisCy Jervis started his journey with Dell as a customer who joined the community to connect with fellow owners and the company. Over time, he became the top contributor to IdeaStorm and eventually was hired by Dell to run the site. Cy also manages the Twitter accounts for @IdeaStorm and @DellEnterprise as well as a few other Dell social media accounts.

Before joining Dell, he was a communications supervisor in the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office. Outside of Dell, Cy describes himself as a computer geek who loves movies, travel, photography, video games and spending time with his wife and two children (a boy and a girl).

Connect with Cy on Twitter @CyJervis, and with IdeaStorm at @IdeaStorm.

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