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How to meet entrepreneurs, gain local insights and avoid accommodation costs

Guest post by entrepreneur Fred Caballero, co-founder,

Entrepreneurs are hard-working, focused people and, many times, they find themselves on a pretty lonely journey.

When my partner and I set up our first company in Dublin in 2008, naturally we had 1,000 more questions than when we started our latest one. While travelling, we thought it would be phenomenal to meet other local entrepreneurs and learn more about “business,” exchange ideas and, of course, get a golden shortcut to insights about their city and culture.

In 2011, after I had moved to London and joined TechHub, I saw internal messages from members in Riga, Latvia, asking if they could to stay at my place, since they were coming to meet investors. That’s when the idea returned!

There are more entrepreneurs now than in any previous time in history and the cost of starting a business is just  a fraction of what it used to be. However, entrepreneurs who travel still need to ensure they meet the right people and make their trip productive, while keeping costs low.

After performing a few experiments, we built to help entrepreneurs travel the world, connect face-to-face with other like-minded entrepreneurs, while sparking new collaborations and business opportunities.

The platform was launched in June 2012 and currently counts with more than 6,000 entrepreneurs in 1,020 cities and 130 countries. We’ve generated hundreds of amazing experiences so far and envision to do this by the millions in the next three to five years.

Even if you don’t travel that much, StartupStay could be very helpful. When members create itineraries, we use that data to send a bi-weekly email to locals announcing their arrival. Knowing what entrepreneurs are coming your way has proven very useful!

The platform is free to join. You may request an invite through or get invited by an existing member. However, if you drop me an email at fred at startupstay dot com, I’ll get you an invite code straight away.

Fred Caballero loves football, travelling, food and starting companies.

He holds a Bachelor in Journalism degree from the E.S.E.D (Argentina), a Certificate in Marketing from the Marketing Institute of Ireland, a Diploma in Internet Marketing by Dublin Business School (Ireland) and a FETAC certificate as a trainer.

Fred has travelled to over 25 countries around the world. He has lived in Argentina, Spain, the United States, Ireland and the UK. He’s been based in London for the past two years.

Fred is an ex-drummer who would love to get back into a band one of these days.

Connect with Fred on LinkedIn and Twitter. Connect with StartupStay on Facebook and Twitter.

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