Neville Hobson

350 million tweets a day and more Twitter superlatives

As a communication channel, Twitter is very much part of the mainstream.

Indeed, it’s hard to go anywhere on the social web – whether to a story on a news website, an individual blog, a company’s news centre – without encountering a method by which you can easily share and amplify online what you find via Twitter and many other tools and channels: just click or tap the little button.

Just how much Twitter is part of the mainstream today is well illustrated in a set of metrics captured by TechCrunch as spoken by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo at an event in the US this week.

Especially if you’re a marketer and Twitter plays a role in your campaigns, you’ll be interested. Get your head around these numbers:

There’s more, including news of plans to enable users to download every single tweet they’ve sent – see the full story at TechCrunch.

(Tweet button image via SpiceUpYourBlog)

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