Quartz digital delivery starts Sept 24

An interesting experiment in the future of mainstream news media and its publishing platform goes public on Monday September 24 with the official launch of Quartz, a new digital business magazine from US publisher Atlantic Media.

Quartz is intended primarily for consumption on tablets and other mobile devices. There is no print edition.

I’ve been paying attention to developments at Quartz as it gears up for its imminent launch since I interviewed editor-in-chief Kevin Delaney in London in July for an FIR Interview podcast.

Among the wide-ranging topics we discussed in that interview, Delaney shared his thinking on a probable media landscape in 2013 and beyond as digital delivery becomes increasingly significant for mainstream publishers and influential business readers alike; how Quartz will be monetized through advertising support; and the type of journalist he is keen to hire for the fledging venture.

On that latter point, recent press releases from Quartz state:

[…] Delaney has assembled an all-star team from the world’s most prestigious news organizations – a staff of journalists who have reported from 115 countries and speak 19 different languages.

It looks promising for its goal to reach and connect with the type of individual the magazine desires to be its reader:

[…] a new class of global business executives who have more in common with each other than they do with their countrymen. They spend large parts of their physical and intellectual lives outside of their native lands. They access information on mobile devices that are ever at their sides. They know that the most dynamic businesses are rarely found in the old corridors of commerce and power – and confidently embrace the disrupters as part of their networks. In many ways, they are the arbiters of what “world class” really means.

Look out for Quartz on Monday. Meanwhile, get a sense of the people in their blog. And why not tweet to light up the Quartz newsroom.

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