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The most useful software tool for Windows that I’ve discovered this year (if not in the past few years) is Connectify.

This utility lets you connect your laptop, netbook or other Windows PC to a wired or wireless internet connection, and then share that single connection with your mobile devices via a secure personal wifi hotspot that Connectify creates.

And that’s just using the free version. The additional features you get with the paid Connectify Pro include using a cellular 3G or 4G connection to the internet to create your personal wifi hotspot when there’s no internet-wifi connectivity.

Without doubt, I’ve found Connectify to be an essential tool when travelling  – even on a one-day trip into London – that simplifies the complexity hotels and others place in front of you when you want to get online.

Now, the Philadelphia-based software developer is taking things to a new level:

Since Wi-Fi networks are popping up just about everywhere, and many of us also carry around mobile broadband devices that offer 3G/4G access on-the-go, we started to wonder: with so much bandwidth available across our networks and devices, why are we still left choosing only one Internet connection at a time?

They answer their question with Connectify Dispatch, a new service that, simply put, lets you connect to all available internet connections simultaneously, whether wifi or cellular.


Imagine rocking Bittorrent with this when you’re on the road! Or improving your Skype video calls or Google+ Hangouts On Air.

To bring this new product to market, Connectify decided to use the popular crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, to prove that there is widespread demand for a fully-featured Connectify Dispatch consumer product.

This project will be funded only if at least $50,000 is pledged by Friday September 7, 2012. If you pledge your support – which can be as little as $10 – there is a range of benefits in return including free product.

I want to help “the emerging leader in easy-to-use wireless networking software” (such a simple and humble corporate description) succeed so I think it’s worth supporting. See if you agree after watching CEO Alexander Gizis’ video pitch.

So, care to give them a hand?

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