What if Wikipedia was a bit prettier and more usable?

Imaginative, well thought out ideas – they definitely make Wikipedia prettier – which I’m interpreting as meaning far easier to understand the structure and navigate it to the things that interest you. I’d argue that usability would be improved, too (I wonder what Jakob Nielsen would make of it?).

Huge kudos to Lithuanian agency New! who is behind it. They’re open for discussion on their ideas – only an email address on the site, though – and it will be interesting to see what people say.

Key will be the Wikipedia community, can’t wait to see what they make of it.

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Love this!

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This creative agency thinks it can redesign Wikipedia to be more usable, and it’s on to something
We’re all armchair quarterbacks when it comes to technology and apps that we love. There’s nothing wrong with that, since the feedback that we provide is sometimes turned into action. You’ve …

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