Social media hurdles that still need jumping

A report from eMarketer summarizes how monitoring tools help companies track and follow up on what consumers are saying on social media channels, with this insightful perspective:

[…] According to Satmetrix, a customer service software provider, only 49% of companies it surveyed worldwide in January 2012 tracked and followed up on customer feedback on social media, while 28% did neither.

A growing number of products and services are available for marketers, and these evolving tools help companies monitor more keywords and issues, more accurately track sentiment, spot negative situations earlier in the process and determine who is behind the buzz.

In essence, that data shows that less than half (49%) of companies listen to what people say about their brands in online social channels and follow up on those comments. Over a quarter (28%) of those companies do nothing at all.

The phrase “You can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” comes to mind. It suggests that many companies haven’t even taken the first step in calculating risk to determine the value of social media as a legitimate business tool.

Evidence that there are more hurdles that still need jumping.

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