The 2012 Olympics TV experiences look very good

Whatever else is going on about the London 2012 Olympics – border control  nightmares at Heathrow, cracks in the M4 motorway, cellular network outages, not enough security staff – it looks like mainstream broadcast media have things well under control to offer amazing experiences throughout the games.

The BBC already announced details of its blanket coverage for UK viewers, with live broadcasting every event in high definition available on multiple devices from traditional TVs to the web and mobile:

In the US, NBC is right out there with its plans for live broadcasting every game to US audiences:

And for mobile devices, news about a company called Elemental Technologies which has done a deal with the BBC to offer live streaming to mobile devices of every event:

Also see NBC’s mobile news of its offering in a tie-up with Adobe:

What a feast of experiences if you’re not at the games!

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Now Playing on Your iPhone: The Olympics
Elemental Technologies, a 6-year-old video start-up, is set to stream 27 channels of live Olympic games directly to mobile devices.

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