Barclays cultural crookery and immorality

What a destruction of trust in this report of what people in Barclays Bank have been doing behind the scenes and for which the bank has been fined £290 million.

[…] Former City minister Lord Myners told the BBC that the people at the top should take responsibility for “a complete cultural failure”.

He said the behaviour of Barclays staff was the worst he had seen.

“This is the most corrosive failure of moral behaviour I have seen in a major UK financial institution in my career,” he said.

“I think fines and public criticism will not stop these behaviours. These behaviours will not stop until the people perpetrating it or responsible for overseeing them face the prospect of criminal charges and the prospect of going to jail.”

I wonder what plan Barclay’s communicators are working on now. If such behaviour is part of the cultural embed at this organization, and where leadership sets the behaviour example, what can we expect to see publicly communicated about all this?

Watching with keen interest.

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