Because it’s a good cause


Like most business bloggers, I’m pretty immune to unsolicited requests to publish guest posts and other content especially from people who clearly have undisclosed motives (take a look at what Paul Sutton has to say on that topic).

Now and again, though, something feels right and clearly is worth doing. This is one of those instances – an email I received from Jason Hulbert, press officer at the charity Meningitis UK, asking if I’d publish a letter from their founder, Steve Dayman.

“We just want to thank our volunteers and hope they know they are appreciated,” said Jason’s note.

My pleasure, Jason:

Dear editor,

It has been a busy June with the nation’s eyes focussed on the Queen’s Jubilee, the Olympic Torch touring the country, Euro 2012 and around the corner is Wimbledon.

For many, Volunteers’ Week (June 1-7), which celebrates the vital roles volunteers’ play across the country, went unnoticed.

Through your media, Meningitis UK wishes to thank everyone who volunteers and supports us, whether they help in our Bristol office, in your area, or take part in fundraising events.

They are unsung heroes and never want recognition, but they are the backbone of our charity, keep us stable and – without doubt – deserve our eternal praise. We just want them to know they are valued and we cherish all they do for Meningitis UK.

For more information on Meningitis UK, please visit

Yours faithfully,

Steve Dayman
Meningitis UK

I’ve added the links.

The greeting “Dear editor” leads me to think my name is on a media mailing list at the charity. That’s fine although I wonder how many mainstream media will go ahead and publish the letter. And how many bloggers, for that matter.

Still, you can but ask.

More links:

And especially:

  • Search 4 a Vaccine Campaign
    Our Search 4 a Vaccine Campaign, launched in 2007, aims to raise £7 million to help fund cutting-edge research to develop a vaccine against Meningitis B which causes almost 90% of cases in the UK and for which there is still no vaccine.
    Our scientists believe that with enough support, this can be achieved within the next few years. The Search 4 a Vaccine Campaign was launched on the ‘fourth day of the fourth month’ to highlight the devastating fact that ‘Meningitis can kill in under 4 hours’.
    The campaign also aims to raise public awareness of the common symptoms and need to act quickly which, until a vaccine is found, can mean the difference between life and death.

If you write a blog, please consider publishing Steve Dayman’s letter. Or just share this post via one of the socialshare buttons here. I think what they’re doing is worth supporting, don’t you?

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