The FT’s 1 million milestone on Google+


The Financial Times’ post on Google+ yesterday was understated yet powerful:

Today the Financial Times has reached 1m Google+ followers…

Just three months ago, a survey reported that of all British national newspapers with a presence on Google’s social network, the FT was the leader in terms of numbers of followers – meaning, people who have added the FT to a Circle in their own Google+ account – with more than 372,000.

Yesterday’s news shows a huge leap to one million in such a short period. As I write this post today, the FT’s Google+ profile shows the paper now has 1,004,275 followers, a jump of over 4,000 since yesterday.

What’s driving the connections? A compelling presence? Great content? Engaging people who run the G+ account? Adding them simply because it’s a media property? All of the above? Something else?

Even though the FT’s own description in its profile says only “Updates and announcements from the FT,” I’d like to think it’s a lot to do with the content that they choose to share via Google+. That suggests to me that the people behind the account have a good and very clear sense of what works on the social web.

And that fits well with what you see going on with the FT as it embraces a serious approach to being a digital mainstream medium.

It also gives a clear signal to doubters that Google+ is a place on the social web that can be worth investing time and effort to develop a strategic presence that people want to connect with and share.

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  1. Adam

    The fact that the FT keeps popping up in G+’s equivalent of the recommended user list probably has some role in that number… :-)

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