Inside the connected car

Very interesting assessment of in-car technology with some quotable predictions from Intel, eg:

  • By next year the car will be the third most-connected place in which people spend time.
  • By 2016, how connected a car is will be a critical buying decision.
  • In the future, if car ownership declines but increased use is still needed, connectivity might allow users to “log-on” to a vehicle. So it could even change colour and add the accessories of your choice. Just like a PC desktop, a machine would take on the persona of its user.
  • In the US, the average driver spends the equivalent of two months of every year in car; it’s impractical for us to give up connectivity inside of the vehicle. The car is the mobile device of the future.
  • We see people bringing physical goods into cars to personalise them, and we expect a digital equivalent to emerge.

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The connected car: coming to your street soon – Telegraph
Intel is investing in ‘connected cars’, which are the logical precursor to self-driving models. Matt Warman looks at the ways tech is getting into the car.

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