"Slideshare meets YouTube" from Present dot me


Every now and again, a PR pitch arrives that just grabs your attention. When thought and imagination goes into it, at least in making it appear personal to you, it’s quite refreshing to receive something that tells a good story, opens your eyes, tickles your fancy, and just works.

Such was the case this morning with Present.me, whose CEO Spencer Lambert and co-founder Richard Garnett (left to right in the screenshot above) created a personalized message for me to explain their service which comes out of beta today.

What is it? From the email I received:

What is Present.me?

Present.me enables individuals and organisations to combine online presentations with video, viewable on demand, for the first time. Think Slideshare meets YouTube.

Why is it useful?

Millions of presentations get created every day, emailed or shared online without ever being presented. Services such as WebEx and Skype allow people to present virtually, but presenter and presentee still need to be available at the same time. As a cloud service, Present.me means a presentation can be uploaded and watched on demand at whatever time suits both parties.

Who is Present.me for?

Present.me has impact on several industries. It will be enormously value in business for making sales pitches and internal communications. In human resources a Present.me can make a CV that stands out and potentially avoid the need for a face to face meeting, whilst to jobseekers it represents a chance to show some personality and stand out.

But it’s a lot more engaging, and much more fun, to watch Spencer and Richard tell their story.

Already people are putting Present.me to imaginative uses. One thing I like is the plugins offered for WordPress and Joomla, so you can embed presentations into your site. But take a look at it yourself and see if ‘Slideshare meets YouTube’ works for you. There are three plans including a free version.

Neville Hobson

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