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You hear often about mainstream media publishers designing a digital version of a print publication for mobile devices such as the iPad.

Turn that idea the other way around – via PaidContent UK, here’s what Hearst UK is doing with the relaunch of their quarterly Good Ideas magazine:

“[…] Good Ideas has been especially designed with tablet-friendly features such as smaller articles, greater emphasis on visuals, smart phone-friendly typefaces and an interactive contents page, making it accessible for both the traditional newsstand and digital user.

[…] Designing Good Ideas to be as accessible digitally as in print is a natural next step for our business and provides an exciting platform for advertisers to engage with a new audience of women.”

All things being equal – costs, pricing, how engagement is executed – this looks like a business model that might work well for consumers, for publishers, and for advertisers.

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Tail wags dog: new Hearst magazine is made for iPad, even in print
Time was, publishers shovelled their linear magazines in to tablet digital editions. Now that order is flipping, with magazines designed for proper tablet interaction being repurposed to print.

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