Print remains in The Economist’s future

A clear and robust outlook on print media:

[…] Despite recent digital successes and developments – with digital-only subscriptions topping 100,000 at the end of last year, 300,000 out of the Economist’s one million print subscribers using the Economist’s apps, and 70 per cent of subscribers expected to be reading the publication digitally in two years – the magazine remains committed to print.

“We will continue to print the newspaper as long as people want to consume it,” [Audra Martin, vice president of customer engagement] said.

“But we want to be ahead of of the game when people move from print to digital.”

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#paywalls12 – The Economist: ‘We have doubled content in two years’
‘We want to be ahead of of the game when people move from print to digital’, says vice president of customer engagement at the Economist

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  1. Ro Atkinson

    The thing about the Economist is that it is in a market of one. I have never found a publication of comparable utility and quality. Thank god its formula is successful.

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