I bought a copy of the first edition of the Sun on Sunday

I bought a copy of the first edition of the Sun on Sunday to see what the fuss is all about. A multiple first – it’s also the first time I’ve ever bought The Sun.

It looks and feels like the Monday-Saturday paper – one of their goals, I would imagine, not to look different. As for the content, well, ditto I guess.

Overall impression on me? Yawn :) If I want the Sun on Sunday content in future, I’ll just look at the website – unless it becomes paywalled. There’s nothing I find compelling, not even the columnists (which is a specific reason why I am willing to pay for content elsewhere, eg, the FT and The Economist).

Yet this is a milestone: the launch of a ‘new’ Sunday print newspaper at a time when print is declining both in circulation and in ad revenue.

Will it flourish? It’s doubtful this will grow a declining print market. Likely to poach readers from other tabloids and maybe attract some of the million or so ex News of The World readers who apparently never migrated to another paper when that title closed last year. At 50p, it’s an attractive and affordable price point compared to competitors.

Time will tell.

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