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Hollywood had Chris Dodd and a press release, Silicon Valley had Facebook

A nice sound bite in a frothy report by US entertainment industry columnist and blogger +Sharon Waxman about yesterday’s online protests against SOPA and PIPA.

If you remember the core of this issue, it’s seen by many as Hollywood and vested interests versus the rest of us. Sort of the 1% against the 99%.

I’m not sure I’d liken it to a war zone – emotional rhetoric isn’t really helpful – yet this assessment looking at the PR aspects isn’t bad at all.

The bottom line:

It seems that Hollywood still does not realize that it is in the information age. Knowledge moves in real time, and events move accordingly. The medium is the message in a fight like this.

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Sunk! How Hollywood Lost the PR Battle Over SOPA | The Wrap Media
Hollywood had Chris Dodd and a press release. Silicon Valley had Facebook

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To extend Waxman ‘s analogy a little further, battle may be won yesterday but a war still wages.

On the matter of the MPAA press release, I like Ike Pigott’s suggested edits that would make the message a little more authentic. :)

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