First FIR Book Club meeting on Jan 27 with guest author Christopher Barger


Friday, January 27, 2011
2pm EST, 7pm GMT, 11am PST
Listen online

We’re returning to BlogTalk Radio for the meeting. FIR Book Review Editor Bob LeDrew will introduce Christopher Barger. They’ll talk for a few minutes, then open it up to your questions and observations. To participate, call +1 347 843 4882 during the program.

  • Order the book now (Amazon: US | Canada | UK) so you can read it before the call! (That’s the idea of a book club, after all.)

Social Media Strategist Christopher Barger has spent more than a decade leading social media teams for some of the world’s most visible organizations, including IBM and General Motors.

bargerbookBarger’s first book is The Social Media Strategist: Build a Successful Program from the Inside Out (McGraw-Hill). It promises to provide “the tools you need to meet all the challenges of building a social media strategy in a large company, which include corporate culture, legal barriers, and the kind of bureaucratic resistance that that are unique to large organizations. The Social Media Strategist explains how to get legal departments to say ‘yes’ to social media programs; get employees engaged without exposing the organization to risk; build ‘buzz’ that parallels business goals; and avoid the internal turf wars that can doom new initiatives.”

Join Christopher for a lively chat with FIR Book Review Editor Bob LeDrew and participate in the conversation! Details are on the BTR Book Club site.

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