Ebooks: the next online battleground

Isn’t this just like the music industry was a decade ago?:

  1. New medium captures imaginations of content creators and consumers.
  2. For publishers, literally zero distribution costs.
  3. Publishers succumb to temptation to charge an arm and a leg for the product, sensing easy profits.
  4. Meanwhile, devices to consume new digital content take off like rockets among consumers, fueling demand for content.
  5. Inevitable rise of alternate methods to acquire content outside publisher control and at significantly less cost, or free.
  6. Publishers fall back on historical protections (legal based) that always worked in the “analogue past.”

What’s next?

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Online pirates threaten Kindle profits as thousands turn to sites to download free eBooks
Just as websites such as Napster undermined the music industry by putting tunes on the internet for free, the same is now happening with eBooks for electronic devices such as the Kindle (pictured).

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