FIR Book Club starts in January 2012

Welcome to the FIR Book Club.

You already think of FIR as the podcast where you find out what’s making news and why in the worlds of public relations, social media, and communication. Now, the FIR book club – announced on the most recent episode of FIR – is a way to connect with the leading writers in these fields and share your ideas.

Each month, we’ll announce the book for the next month’s book club. Then, on a date to be announced, the author will join FIR Book Reviews editor Bob LeDrew on Blog Talk Radio to talk about the book.

Then comes your chance to join in. You can call in to Blog Talk Radio to add your voice to the discussion, or use the chat room to participate with a keyboard.

It’s talk radio like you don’t hear anywhere else – frank, engaging, intelligent, and on the topics that matter to you as a communicator.

  • Our first FIR Book Club book will be The Social Media Strategist by Voce’s Social Media VP, Christopher Barger. The book is scheduled for release on January 13; we’ll announce the date of the interactive session around that time. The FIR Book Club has its own page on the podcast website where you can find details of books and sessions.

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