AdAge reports that Twitter and Edelman have parted company, citing recent changes…

AdAge reports that Twitter and Edelman have parted company, citing recent changes in the evolving Twitter organization as reasons. The AdAge report also has this very interesting statement:

“It doesn’t appear that Twitter intends to replace Edelman, which prompts the question of whether the company needed a big PR firm in the first place. It has 100 million global users and is likely mentioned thousands of times daily in press reports worldwide, so the notion that it needs assistance seems unlikely.”

Really? Kind of misses the point on what PR counsel is all about. Planning to add this to discussion topic list in the next episode of the FIR podcast on Dec 26.

What do you think – Twitter needs no PR counsel?


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Twitter, Edelman End Short Relationship | Agency News – Advertising Age
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  1. Jen Zingsheim

    *Sigh.* Yet another statement that gives credence to the misunderstanding that PR is solely about media relations.

    PR is far more than that. Maybe they have the internal team that can handle media requests. But internal comms, public affairs, and crisis communications are all PR too. I suppose time will tell if this is a good move or not.

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