Now I have the new Twitter look and feel

Like it but it’s not compelling enough to make me change from a third-party app on the desktop. I use TweetDeck. (Love the Android app as I mentioned earlier.)

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Neville Hobson

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  1. Armin Grewe

    Just installed Tweetdeck 1.0, while it has some improvements (e.g. from the looks of it integration) it also has lots (and I mean lots) of disadvantages. Among the main ones are:
    – minimize to tray is gone
    – can't adjust column width
    – therefore can't fit five columns on my screen any more
    – doesn't seem to be an Air app any more. I had to manually uninstall the previous version and remove/relink the shortcuts
    – generally setup options dramatically reduced

  2. Neville Hobson

    +Armin Grewe that's very interesting, Armin. I just saw that TweetDeck's website has totally changed since I checked in there an hour ago. New TweetDeck Windows app. Not AIR, you're right, the installer is a Windows .msi file. Will try it out, notwithstanding your initial bad impressions ;)

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