A pharma view of social media

Last June, I took part in a video project that was characterized by its creativity, imaginative high-definition video work and of the content – social media and the workplace – and the credible opinions of the people who feature in the video.

Red Sky Vision, the production company behind that video, have just published a new one, with similar high-standard production values that looks at social media and the pharmaceutical industry.

(If you don’t see the video embedded above, watch it at Vimeo.)

From the website description:

Social Media in Pharma

Social media is such an integral part of our everyday lives. It allows us to exchange ideas and opinions and build communities across the globe. Within healthcare, opportunities to engage communities are only rising, and yet it is still not widely used in the pharma communications industry. There is confusion about when and how best to use it – this can be attributed to the restrictions of adhering to compliance codes and the risk of reputational damage.

Red Sky Vision in association with the HCA and PharmaPhorum has produced a film about social media in pharma. The film features key players in healthcare and healthcare communication who provide unique insights, discuss challenges and offer solutions to the industry as a whole.

Compelling viewing.

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Neville Hobson

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  1. Bob

    Not really Neville, the guys in the video have never created a social media campaign the only one I can think of is Alex B 360 campaign the other is close because they uploaded a video to youtube, 1. these guys are ripping off client because they don’t have sm experience, ask them how to create a page, how to communicate and how to monitor and how to engage, please note healthcare is a serious business your playing with peoples lives!

    • Neville Hobson

      I’ve posted your comment, Bob, even though you haven’t given your full name nor a link to anything about you that may add some credibility to what you have to say.

      I can contradict you as I know of examples by some of those featured in the video of social media work they’ve been engaged in. Got any facts or specifics to back up your comments?

      But that’s beside the point. Each of those in the video articulates credible opinions and perspectives that give me a good sense of industry thinking about social media.

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