Steve Jobs: The man who changed the world

If you read Techmeme, the must-read place on the web if you’re interested in the technology industry, this morning’s home page is full of just one topicthe death last night of Steve Jobs.

The Apple co-founder died from the pancreatic cancer he was diagnosed with in 2004.

As you might imagine and as Techmeme clearly indicates, the world itself is alight with commentary and opinion about Steve Jobs. Google’s home page includes a single-line acknowledgment of his death, making it likely that anyone performing a Google search today will get the news whether they’re paying attention to the news or not.

Steve Jobs touched the lives and the imaginations of people everywhere. In this century, this is the man who redefined the music industry with the iPod; who disrupted the telephone industry with the iPhone; who breathed new life into computer-generated movie creativity at Pixar (and Disney); and who kick-started an evolutionary step in the computer industry with the iPad.

He was a powerful and compelling public speaker, a man who truly did inspire people whenever he spoke. He instinctively knew how to connect with people on a grand scale.

I never met Steve Jobs, nor was a huge fan of Apple products from a user point of view (although I did love the iPhone when I used one) – nor, indeed, a fan of Apple’s corporate behaviour – but I feel a strong sense of sadness at the passing of an individual who had such a profound impact on people and how they use technology no matter where in the world they live and under whatever culture. And he was only 56 years old.

Thanks, Steve Jobs, may you rest in peace. You changed the world.

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