How people tweet in China

weibologoWhenever China is a topic of business conversation, a communication service that’s talked about is Sina Weibo.

The micro-blogging service – China’s Twitter equivalent – got mainstream attention outside China last month over its use as a primary communication channel in the aftermath of the Wenzhou bullet-train crash which millions of people used as a means to openly criticize the Chinese authorities.

If you’re doing business in China, or if you’re simply interested in what’s going on there in the social space, Sina Weibo is unquestionably a tool and channel you need to know about. Chinese internet users are primarily interested in micro-blogging when it comes to social media, said Hitwise UK in June, another illustration that social media engagement is huge in China.

Via PaidContent UK comes a handy infographic created by market intelligence SaaS company Digimind that throws a clear spotlight on the micro-blogging market in China where Sina Weibo is the leader (but not the only such service).

A feast of terrific metrics.


For a depth assessment of microblogging in China, check out Will Sina Weibo threaten Twitter as the world’s dominant microblogging network? by Doug Pierce at the Digital Due Diligence research firm.

Published on August 22, it’s a thought-provoking and credible analysis of the global development of dominant micro-blogging services.

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