Twitter psychology infographic: it’s about retweets

A visual feast in this nicely-imagined infographic embedded below that offers some credible tips and tricks for attracting attention and, thus, followers.


Common sense, in fact. My 3-easy-steps takeaway from  this:

  1. Tweet interesting things, perhaps with a dose of humour – that will get you attention.
  2. Don’t over-tweet each day (the top reason people give for un-following someone: too much tweeting).
  3. Re-tweet (RT) what others say, and perhaps add something too – another good reason to think about RT opportunities when you tweet: don’t use up all those 140 characters; leave some space for others to RT you and add their own comments.

In others words, to emphasize:

Tweeps don’t care if you give them things or ask them to help; they’ll retweet you if they like your stuff or think you’re funny.

Credible metrics from a Twitter poll conducted by US SEO consulting firm WhiteFireSEO. Nice work.

Neville Hobson

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