What happens on the web in 60 seconds

Infographics are quite the rage at the moment. There is something quite compelling about a well-constructed visual piece of story-telling that helps you understand complex information quickly.

Click the image for full-size version ...

Here’s one with a  difference – a “stats infographic” that is equally compelling, telling you what happens on the web in sixty seconds. Things like:

  • 98,000 tweets
  • 13,000 iPhone apps downloaded
  • Over 125 WordPress plugins downloaded
  • 695,000 Facebook status updates
  • Almost 695,000 search queries
  • 168,000,000 emails sent
  • 100 new accounts created at LinkedIn
  • 20,000 new posts on Tumblr, the up-and-coming microblogging platform

Even though no source for any of the info is cited, it’s ideal for that PowerPoint deck to help you explain what’s happening on the web. Mind-expanding stuff!

Nice work from Shanghai Web Designers. Via AdverBlog.

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