Social Media @ Work premieres June 17

In March, I interviewed David Ferrabee, Managing Director of change management consultancy Able and How, and Robin Block, Director of Red Sky Vision, in an FIR Interview podcast about an innovative new video the pair were working on that addresses a disconnect they see between how immersed and digitally-connected employees are outside of the workplace, and how their internal communications are being delivered.

The video preparation included hours of interviews with insights from communicators like Richard Dennison and journalists like Helen Dunne (I was also one of those interviewed).

And finally, the end result – a 15-minute video entitled “Social Media @ Work”  is ready and will be released publicly this Friday June 17 at 3pm UK. Before then, though, get a taste of what Social Media @ Work will offer – this 2-minute preview video today will give you a good sense. (If you don’t see it above, view it at Vimeo).

And join the conversation on Twitter at #worksm.

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Neville Hobson

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  1. David Ferrabee

    Thanks for coming out. And for suggestions in how to improve it. It looked good on a big screen… with popcorn and a beer. But will look good on a computer screen too, I think.

  2. Jay @ SEO Domain Names

    GREAT video Neville,

    I was surprised to see that only 7% of business social media users were able to integrate social media into their marketing strategy…

    It makes sense that social media is something that any business shouldn’t overlook. Getting in the conversation is half the battle, and not utilizing social media would mean that they are missing half of the conversation.


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