The IABC sunshine conference


I did like the "Hello, sunshine!" greeting on the promotional postcard mailing you see here that I received this week from IABC about the 2011 World Conference taking place in San Diego, USA, next month.

In British usage, ‘hello sunshine’ is an informal friendly greeting although I couldn’t find the origin of the phrase in an online search; the first Wikipedia reference to it is to the song of the same name by the Welsh band Super Furry Animals in 2003.

In any case, it’s also a nice play on words with ‘sunshine’ no doubt denoting the warm climate in southern California at this time of year.

The annual IABC conference is an excellent professional development event. As a long-time IABC member, I confess my strong bias. If you’re thinking about going but haven’t yet made up your mind, here are some good reasons why you should be there (as printed on the other side of the postcard mailing):

I won’t be at the conference this year unfortunately – the last IABC one I went to was in San Francisco in 2009 – but I do plan to take part remotely where I can via things like the #iabc11 hashtag on Twitter.

So why not sign up? If this is your first time, take a listen to a podcast interview I did for IABC with Russell Grossman, Chair of the World Conference Program Advisory Committee – he offers some great advice for getting the most out of the event.

The IABC 2011 World Conference takes place from June 12-15. Enjoy the sunshine!

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