FIR Interview: Azeem Azhar, Founder of PeerIndex


In this FIR Interview, co-host Neville Hobson talks with Azeem Azhar, founder and CEO of London-based PeerIndex, a company that is algorithmically mapping out the social web. PeerIndex aims to become the standard that identifies, ranks, and scores online authorities, helping those individuals benefit from the social capital they have built up.

In a wide-ranging conversation recorded on March 31 during the Geeknrolla tech start-up conference in London, Azeem explains how PeerIndex works and its focus on opinion-formers and -leaders rather than influencers. He discusses the benefits for companies in understanding online authorities and their reach, shares his insights on the evolving ecosystem of online monitoring and measurement in the wake of the Salesforce acquisition of Radian6, and more.

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About our Conversation Partner

azeemazharAzeem Azhar is an internet entrepreneur and investor with a background in journalism having worked previously at The Economist and Guardian.

He has been active developing services on the Internet since 1992, as a student. He was involved in the launch of The Guardian, The Economist and BBC web services during the 1990s; he had a fin-de-siècle/internet bubble escapade with an incubator between 1999 and 2001. More recently, he has been an investor in Powerset, New Energy Finance, Daylife, Seedcamp and Dopplr.

Connect with Azeem on Twitter: @azeem.

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