Cision updates top 10 UK PR blogs list

Cision UK has published an updated list of what the business intelligence and communication firm ranks as the top ten PR blogs in the UK:

  2. Drew B’s take on Tech PR
  3. Wadd’s PR and Media blog
  4. A PR Guy’s Musings – Stuart Bruce
  5. PR Studies
  6. PR Media Blog
  7. The Red Rocket
  8. Mediations
  9. SimonWakeman

I’m flattered to again see my blog ranked as the #1 PR blog in the UK. [Update 30/11: the #10 spot  in the list has been changed from Online Public Relations Thoughts to see comment from Cision UK’s Sabina Rosander for explanation.]

What’s Cision’s basis for this ranking? In other words, how much credibility should you award to a list like this? From Cision’s methodology description:

[…] we have asked three key questions of the websites in our database:

Is it a blog? […] Cision Research looks for three key qualifiers in a blog: content that appears in reverse chronological order; initiating content created by by an individual or collective of recognised individuals; and the ability for users to comment on the initiating content.

Is the blog from the UK? […] For the purposes of this list, if a blog can be regarded as the creation of a UK resident Cision will consider it a UK web property.

Is it a “top” UK blog? Our point of departure is the assumption that a blog’s influence is represented by the amount of people seeing it and the potential for it to be referenced elsewhere (including in search engine results). A longlist was therefore compiled using an algorithm to reflect two key measures of web popularity, inbound links and traffic measured in monthly unique users. For each blog these elements were weighted to achieve a balance between measurable impact to date (traffic) and likelihood of future impact (links as a proxy for search visibility). The longlist was then reduced down to a Top 50, with each entry re-evaluated according to additional metrics, notably update frequency and total number of posts.

Add that information to your judgement along with the source of it.

Cision say they will update the ranking twice yearly. By my estimate, that means the next update is due in May 2011.

Cision also publishes other UK rankings, including some 55 top 10 lists, as well as many others.

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