Black Friday comes to the UK


Black Friday‘ is a term familiar to many in the United States, signifying as it does the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving is when Christmas shopping starts to ramp up in the US, with consumers enjoying terrific deals offered by many retailers as part of their stimulus to get people shopping. (For the record, there are a little over 30 shopping days left until Christmas.)

It’s a distinctly American concept, one that doesn’t exist in the same form here in the UK. Maybe some structure might be upon us now as Black Friday makes its way across the Atlantic thanks to online retailer Amazon who are bringing their Black Friday to the UK.

[…] offers some unbelievable deals throughout Thanksgiving week and on Black Friday, and this year, we wanted to do the same. We’re bringing Black Friday Deals Week to the website, so our customers will be able to take advantage of some unbelievable deals throughout the week. […] Be sure to come back on Monday, November 22, when we’ll be releasing unbelievable, pinch-me-to-prove-they’re-real, Black Friday deals. In fact, we’ll be adding new deals throughout the day, every day, so you can visit at any time and find must-have products at jaw-dropping prices.

If you’re after a new Sony TV, for instance, Amazon UK will have them at 60% discount. There’s also 60% off Microsoft Xbox consoles, Flip Mino High Def Camcorders and Nintendo Wii consoles. And that’s just a sample of what Amazon pre-announced before today.


You can proactively keep track of what Amazon has to offer this week via Twitter and Facebook, as well as sign up for email alerts. And I did like how Amazon UK has bought a result on Google UK if you search for the hashtag #blackfriday as the screenshot shows – first result top of screen is a link to the Amazon UK Black Friday site.

You can talk about the deals in the Amazon UK deals forum.

Get clicking!

Neville Hobson

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  1. Chris Reed

    I had to ask an American colleague why ‘black’ and she said it’s because up until this date, retailers have been traditionally trading at a loss: but this is the first day they trade ‘in the black’ over the year as a whole – with massive sales, and then the run up to Christmas (or Holidays as our transatlantic cousins refer to it.)

    If this isn’t the origin, then ‘black’ to describe shopping or the Economy is a strange choice of word isn’t it? Most closely associated with our Black Wednesday, no? Or Ireland’s current Black Monday…

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