Top UK tech and online marketing blogs Oct 2010

topblogswikio2Who has the top blogs in the the UK that cover technology and online marketing, two categories of blogs that typically interest many readers of this blog?

‘Top’ can be a subjective word and there are plenty of classifications out there. In this case, I’m talking about the rankings published each month by search engine and information portal Wikio which also publishes its ranking methodology, making it easy for you to judge its credibility.

Each month for the past few years, Wikio has let me have an advance look at the numbers before publication. I’ve just got the October lists for the top 20 UK blogs in technology and online marketing, subsets of the top 100 rankings that Wikio is publishing tomorrow October 8.

Here’s your sneak peek (last month’s ranking positions shown in parentheses):

Top 20 Online Marketing Blogs in the UK: October 2010

  1. Econsultancy blog (=)
  2. We Are Social (=)
  3. SEOptimise Blog (=)
  4. Distilled (+3)
  5. iCrossing (-1)
  6. BlogStorm (-1)
  7. SEOgadget (-1)
  8. SEO Wizz (+25)
  9. David Naylor (-1)
  10. Chris Garrett (+3)
  11. FreshNetworks Blog (-2)
  12. Fever Bee (+2)
  13. Hobo (-1)
  14. UK Offer Media Affiliate Blog (-4)
  15. Smart Insights Digital Marketing (-4)
  16. Murray Newlands (-1)
  17. SEOUnique Blog (-)
  18. Digital Marketing Blog (-2)
  19. Blending The Mix (-2)
  20. SEO Chicks (-2)

Top 20 Technology Blogs in the UK: October 2010

  1. Geeky Gadgets (+1)
  2. TechCrunch Europe (-1)
  3. (=)
  4. Coolest Gadgets (=)
  5. Thoughts from the Sidelines (=)
  6. Gadget Venue dot com (+1)
  7. Econsultancy blog (-1)
  8. – UK Gadget News (+2)
  9. dot.Rory (-1)
  10. The Red Ferret Journal (+1)
  11. Speckyboy (+1)
  12. Mark Shuttleworth (-3)
  13. Photography Blog (+1)
  14. currybetdotnet (+6)
  15. Zath (+1)
  16. All About Symbian (-3)
  17. The Next Web UK (-2)
  18. GadgetLite Blog (-1)
  19. Telegraph Blogs – Technology (-1)
  20. We Are Social (+4)

If you write or know of a blog in the UK or Ireland in either category that isn’t there and you think it should be, either let me know or apply to be included at the Wikio website.

[Update] As a number of readers pointed out in the comments, I had the lists posted with the titles the wrong way round. My apologies for that distinct lack of attention to detail. Now corrected.

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